Planning for Emerging Technologies Part 2

Choose one:

Assignment Option 1:

For this assignment, you will craft a  plan for incorporating an emerging technology or participatory service into a library setting of your choice. Topics might include blogs, wikis, Facebook, commenting, QR Codes, etc. Utilize the Word  template below to organize your planning. Think of this document as a roadmap for future meetings/actions to get the technology or service implemented. The PDF document should be no longer than three pages. Post it to your blog with a brief paragraph explaining your thinking, process and choices. Note - this is not a technical document but more of a roadmap of considerations for planning and implementation. Research your chosen technology or service and utilize the template to organize your planning.

Planning Template: TechPlanStephensLIBR287


Assignment Option 2:

For this assignment, you will craft  a social media guideline policy statement for the library setting of your choice. It can focus on user or staff use of social media – or both.  It might include sections on commenting, reviews, use of sites such as Facebook, and more. The guidelines document should be no more than three pages long and be error free. Positive language and phrasing makes for a more user-friendly policy. Save the document as a PDF. Post it to your blog as an attachment with a 300 word explanation of your thinking, process and choices. List the sites you consulted to craft the policy.

Social Media Planning Resources & Samples:—Social-Media-Policy

Sites for Creating PDFs: (or use your own site/software)