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Of all the things we read about this week, I found the Heritage Browser as described by Erik Boekesteijn to be the most intriguing. That article led me to another article led me to another article published a few months earlier at that demonstrated some of the other technologies implemented at DOK. While the technology and software is very impressive, and appears to work quite well for them in the Netherlands, I can’t help but wonder if it would work quite as well in smaller and less populated regions over here in the States. They have a much older and richer history there, and a much larger population to draw records from. I’m not trying to say that it couldn’t be implemented here either, but it made me contemplate how as system like that would be structured for a small county in Oregon. Potentially it could be linked to records for the entire state, or several smaller counties together.

I was also curious as to how much it was used as a resource, and how much as a novelty. It would still be valuable as more of an entertainment type media, but would it be enough to draw people into the library, or would it be something that people just happened to stop by as they wandered by.

The article also suggested the possibility of making the Microsoft Surface table mobile, and bringing it around to schools, museums, and homes for the elderly. This would make it even more valuable, and if they could adapt the software to function on smaller tablets, it could become more valuable still.


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  1. I agree with you Tara on selling this level of technology to a small community. If Microsoft wants to give a few away to build interest, I might swallow the ethical issues and participate. My village would never support purchasing such tablets (though our Friends of the Library might) because we are dealing with carpet safety problems, cutting hours for energy, and not funding plumbing repairs. Sigh.

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