Missing Tools…?

Hello, Dr. Stephens and classmates:

In my Dashboard, I scrolled down and saw the “Tools” section on the left-hand side.  When I clicked on it, I didn’t see the options of “Import” and “Export” listed there (as they have been mentioned in the blog).  I saw the following content:

Therefore, I couldn’t continue to do the next steps for exporting files.  Is there anybody else has this problem?   What causes the tool to be “missing”?  How can I get it back?   Any suggestions and help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Course Reflection


Have a better understanding for the meaning of “Communication is KEY”.


Over all (in my opinion), this course is a window/channel/stage for us to engage and re-vision new information technology through a faithful/discussable conversation; it allows us to share idea/experience through an effective pattern of critical thinking.   In here, we can hear expressive voices and the moment of silence as well.  The established concepts have a chance to be examined; the merge of verbal-greatness and actionable-realities become challenge.

Through this window, I saw the answer cross the maze; the lesson is there.  Through this channel, I hear the voice/idea is traveling; sunshine is whispering.  Through this stage, I saw the performance with an on-going theme; and I saw expectations, approaches, and achievements from each one of you.


It would be an irony if we emphasize human conversation and connection without a true/effective communication established in a reality base.  It would be an incomplete WAY if no one continually travel or explore when time passed.  It would be a cold/empty HOME when there is no passion of heart to receive/influence…


Adding the elements of motivation/stimulation/encouragement on the WAY towards the participatory service concepts and practices will make this approach even more significant and powerful!


Thank you, Dr. Stephens! – For your professionalism and serious responsibility!  Thank you, my classmates! – For your voices and the memory we build together!

Wish you all best!   Have a beautiful Christmas Holiday!

Tutucn 兔兔笙