Module 8: User Experience

Greetings! Next up, we focus on User Experience:

(Enjoy my super good iced tea fueled chattiness in the lecture!!)

Reminder: Michael Casey, co-author of our text and my co-author for the Transparent Library, will join us in the Participatory Commons on Wednesday February 20th for an hour of chat and your questions from 6pm to 7pm PST.  If you can’t make it, leave a question here – I’ll post the recording after.

Due this Week:

Planning/Social Media: February 20


(Can you see the light at the end of the intensive tunnel?)


  • Reflection on Learning & New Literacies OR Mobile & Geo-Social: February 27
  • Topic of Your Choice: March (before we end class)
  • Reflection on Course: March 13





4 thoughts on “Module 8: User Experience

  1. Letha Goger

    I loved it – great insight into messages we send to our users, terrific examples, well-communicated and with conviction. (I also enjoyed the first part of the lecture where you showed the transformation of your library website in the early days. It reminded me of my first webpage, which consisted of topical lists of an *untold multitude* of links to resources – made me smile, looking back.) Thanks!

    1. michael Post author

      Thanks for the nice comments. It’s good to look back sometimes. It always strikes me how far we’ve come.

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