The Commons, Creativity & Curation


Update – Creation Culture & Maker Spaces

Things to Read:

(This week – choose the articles you are most interested in! There’s a lot of fine stuff below…don’t feel overwhelmed.)

The Commons:

Stephens, M. (2008). “The Commons” ALA TechSource Posts:

Library Creation Labs & Spaces:
Spotlight: Makerspace

Britton, L., Considine, S. and Koerber, J. (2012). The Makings of Maker Spaces. Library Journal

Things to Explore:

Exploration Activity:

Choose one of the concepts or places highlighted this week and explore it virtually. Or do some further research into an aspect of  this module that fascinates you the most. Craft your blog post around this exploration – think aloud, ponder library service, think about the future!