YouTube & Video Blogging


What it is

We probably don’t need to do much of an introduction to YouTube.  By now most of you have probably heard of it, watched something on the site, or maybe even uploaded a video of your own.  In case you didn’t know here is a brief timeline of the online giant.

We intend to help you explore YouTube in a way you may not have tried before.  In turn I hope you will discover things for yourself and possible ways to implement Video in your library.

YouTube can be the source of education, discovery, entertainment or a sheer waste of time.  It’s quite easy to stumble upon amateur video, the quality information more hidden.  Getting to know YouTube cannot only help your patrons, but you as well.  Confused about how to download a library book to a kindle or a nook?  There is a wealth of information at your fingertips, if only someone had the time to curate.

Online Videos are changing the way consumers (read patrons) view media.  According to the Pew Internet 71% of online adults now use video sharing sites.  The online video-sharing world is only expanding accessible by computer, mobile phone and the new generation of electronic reading devices.  It’s an exciting world and it’s where our consumers are.

How it works

To get into the nuts and bolts of creating videos, you might be surprised at how easy it is.  It may take a bit of courage to be in front of the camera as a vlogger, but it is surprisingly fun.  Vlogging doesn’t always require you to be in front of the camera talking about yourself, you can also create a narrated tour or interview patrons or create a story based on events of your library.

Why it is useful

Here are a variety of channels to check out!

There is a category for education where you might find valuable content for your channel.

Other Public Library Channels


Creating a YouTube Channel

    • Sign up, create and customize a YouTube channel. This option doesn’t require much more than a YouTube log-in.
    • There is plenty of content on YouTube that you could use to curate the web.  Watch this to learn how to create playlists.
  • Decide on a topic of interest and explore YouTube to find subject matter that interests you.  Add 5 videos to a playlist.

Vlogging, What you need:

  • A recording device, a phone with a video camera, a digital camera or a digital video camera, or a computer with a webcam.
  • You may want to have video editing software.  Many times there is a program build into your computer.  You can also find easy to use applications on the web.
  • A hosting site.  Such as YouTube, Vimeo or


How could vlogging be useful for your library?


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