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Data Gathering


Google Form and Spreadsheet

What is Google Form?

Google Form is a web-based application within the free Google Drive suite of tools. It is a great tool for creating forms and surveys and collecting, organizing and analyzing data. Features include the ability to embed a form to a web page, email a link to a form, create spreadsheets automatically from form data, export data in various formats, and choose themes to customize forms. Continue Reading →

Collaborative Tools


By now, you should have worked on a plethora of new tools:

  • Blogging
  • Social networks
  • Bookmarking
  • Presentations

This week,  we are going to be working on Collaborative Tools.    What are collaborative  tools?  Exactly, what it says –tools allowing you and others to collaborate.  You may even be familiar with the old methods of collaborating such as pen and paper, blackboards, and even telephone conferencing.

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Surveys can be a valuable tool for any organization that is continually interested in the feedback of it’s users, employees and other constituents. Some of you may already be familiar with Google Docs, a cloud-based document management system where you can create, edit and share documents. Google Forms works inside of the Google Docs platform and is an easy way to electronically collect data. You will need a google account in order to complete this module. For help setting up a google account, please go here first.

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Presentation Tools

When you’re looking for a great way to integrate web 2.0 technology into the learning experiences of teachers and students, these tools provide versatile, creative options to enhance presentations and to collaborate with a wide audience. This week, you can try out two excellent tools, VoiceThread and Jing. Choose 1 or try them both!

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What is Skype?

Skype will make you work like Star Trek without the revealing jumpsuits. You can quickly shrink distances and chat face-to-face with other library staff quickly and for free using Skype. The multi-format easy-to-conquer program quickly installs and connects you instantly to your personal contacts to enrich your day at work with a bit of professional development via your computer, laptop, or smartphone. Skype can be your tool for chatting, video conferencing, document sharing and telephone calls. Connect with people in your professional circle, your library users, and invite special guests into the building without travel costs using Skype.

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What is Prezi?

Prezi is a dynamic presentation and collaboration tool.  It can be used instead of PowerPoint to jazz up a presentation, or used as an infinite bulletin board for collaborators to work together to compile ideas, images, and other media.

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