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Data Visualization

Bar graphs and pie charts are a time-proven way to turn the data in your spreadsheet into a visual representation of information.  Data Visualization takes this to a whole new dynamic level with web-based sites to create myriad forms of data representation.  Data visualization is not just about making shiny, pretty pictures: data visualization tools allows organizations to take abstract and complex data and make it more concrete and understandable.  At its best, data visualization both engages the viewer and improves understanding of the information. Continue Reading →

Information Graphics


Teachers have known for decades that students will retain information better if they see it, hear it, and do something with it. In our classrooms we use and teach Venn diagrams, concept maps, charts, timelines, and graphs to help students focus and learn concepts in all areas of the curriculum. Infographics involves all these tools. Simply, infographics involves putting data or any type of information in a visual format to make the data easier to understand (see Rick Mans’ infographic about infographics).

This week, we will explore some great sites to find completed infographics and look at a few tools you can use to create infographics with your students or to add to your own toolkit. Two of the tools we will be trying are Many Eyes and Dipity.

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