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Web Marketing

Welcome to the web marketing module! In its simplest form, marketing is action of promoting products and services. In the past few years, businesses have realized the importance of social media and online marketing to drive users to its website and increase its patronage. While Facebook and Twitter are the most popular tools, there are many others that can be used to grow your library, connect with patrons, and market your library to a wide audience. In this module, we will cover the basics of Pinterest and Flickr and how to use them as marketing tools. Continue Reading →



What We Want You to Learn:

This tutorial on Pinterest has five areas of learning. These include:

Bookmarking and Curation: Pinterest

Pinterest Logo

Let’s try Pinterest!

What I hope you will learn after this module:

  • What is Pinterest?
  • How to pin items that interest you
  • How to set up pinboards
  • How to use the social media aspect of Pinterest to your advantage
  • How you can use Pinterest effectively in your library, both for professional development and for your patrons Continue Reading →


What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a bookmarking site that enables you to save and categorize the things you like.  Primarily image based, it is a virtual pinboard for “natural curators.”  The intention is to save or “pin” inspirational pictures or interests for yourself and to share with others. Continue Reading →


What it is:

Pinterest is a “virtual pinboard” that allows you to organize and bookmark images and interesting websites that you find on the internet.

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Bookmarking Tools


Welcome to Social Bookmarking Tools!  Hope everyone had a great blogging week.  For this unit we are going to explore three popular online bookmarking tools:  EvernotePinterst, andLiveBinders.

So what are social bookmarking tools?  Social Bookmarking tools allow users to organize, manage, store, search and retrieve their saved bookmarks from any computer as long as it can get to the web.  On an Internet with an estimated 15 billion web pages, bookmarking tools allow us a very easy way to “bookmark” web pages and images that we are visiting in a real time moment, to be able to search our bookmarks and go back later – even a year or more later, assuming the site is still active – and find our bookmarked site or images when we need them.  What’s more, we can share our bookmarks with others, either those we choose, those in our personal networks, or with the entire online community!

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