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Hello East Greenbush Community Library and welcome to Week Four of our “Connect 2. U” program! This week, you’ll get to play around and explore YouTube.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a popular social media tool and video sharing website. A few activities you can do with YouTube include watching and sharing videos, uploading videos, and creating a list of your favorite videos.

Why Should I know About YouTube?

According to >YouTube’s Statistics, “over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month” and “72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.” Now, the video cap on YouTube is 15 minutes long so that’s a lot of videos uploaded every minute.Most likely, your patrons are using YouTube or have a question regarding this technology and this week’s module will hopefully help you feel more comfortable and give you more knowledge into YouTube. Continue Reading →


This week we wanted to share some great fun and innovative tools for creating presentations.

We present to you…

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 10.35.07 PM &

What are they?

Both Prezi and Jing are powerful presentation tools in two very different ways. Let’s explore…


Remember boring PowerPoint presentations? Well Prezi is a fun new way to bring life to your presentations, and is even used in the workplace for a way to collaborate and share ideas like an infinite bulletin board. Sound neat? Keep reading to find out more.


This tool is all about screencasting. It can be used for videos or images alike. What is screen sharing? Well what do you see on your computer screen right now? You have this page open, but maybe another window or tab is open, you have a mouse you’re moving around, and who knows what other applications are open. Screencasting is recording either a section of your screen or the full thing if you so choose, and thus allows you to share what you’re seeing and doing on your computer with others. Simple as that! So…

Why should I know about Prezi?

Prezi is an amazing tool for presenting information. Not only is it fun and innovative. But the tool makes the audience much more engaged with the material watching it develop across the screen. Prezi’s can be used for a myriad of presentations. The basics types would be teaching tools for workshops, conference presentations, and training tools. But libraries are also designing them for subject guides/LibGuides, library tours, and program and services announcements.

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This week we are trying out Dropbox.

Breaking News (4/9/13): Yahoo Mail! Partners with Dropbox http://www.zdnet.com/yahoo-mail-dropbox-partnership-spells-win-win-for-both-parties-7000013402/

What is it?

Dropbox is a free desktop application which allows you to store your documents online so that you can access them from multiple computers and your mobile devices. You get 2 GB of  storage for free when you sign up. No need to send email attachments or store your documents on a USB stick, just drop them into Dropbox! Continue Reading →

Goodreads 2


For casual and avid readers Goodreads is social networking site that does three thing really well.

  • First, it’s a place to share with family and friends what books you are reading and see what they are reading.
  • Second, Goodreads has some easy to use tools for keeping track of the books you have read and the books you want read.
  • Third, Goodreads is place for both new and established authors to have a dialog with their fans.
  • Bonus feature for library staff that work directly with the public, Goodreads is an excellent resource to get the current reviews and opinions of newly published books and an useful site for assisting patron’s with reader advisory questions.

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Photo Sharing

Swing into Photo Sharing

One of the most popular activities online is uploading photos and sharing them through a variety of tools.  This week’s module gets you started on building your own photo album, and introduces you to some of the ways to work with those images. Continue Reading →


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Marketing 2.0

This project is learning about one type of photo sharing and how it can be used to promote your library and all that is in it and what is going on there. There are other photo sharing websites, but we chose flickr.

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Twitter icon

What is Twitter?

Congratulations, you are half way through Opening Doors to the Future!  This week we will be learning about Twitter, a Web 2.0 micro-blogging tool.  Micro-blogging is a simplified, shorter version of blogging tools such as WordPress.  The emphasis is placed on quickly and easily sharing small chunks of information. Twitter does this in 140 characters or less allowing for collaboration and quick information sharing without email or IM.  An update can be sent and within seconds of something happening be seen by millions of other micro-bloggers.  Users can view “Tweets” via the Web, via an RSS feed, and via text on a mobile phone, or any number of third party apps. (An app is a software application, which allows you to do an activity of some kind. These days, it’s particularly associated with mobile phones.)  Twitter started out as a way for people to post “what you’re doing”, but it has evolved into a real-time communication tool.  People are sharing resources, videos, images, and connecting with friends and organizations.

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