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Twitter 2


What is Twitter…..in 140 characters or less?

Twitter is a microblogging tool for sharing, tracking and conversing about topics of interest in short bursts of text no more than 140 characters in length.        Continue Reading →

Microblogging (Mostly Twitter)

Welcome back to your Learning 2.0 Playground! In the last module, you bravely jumped into blogging and shared a bit of yourself through a post. Now’s your chance to experience blogging on a smaller, faster scale: microblogging.

Microblogging is a quick, short variation of blogging that lets participants easily share tidbits of content, including text, links, images, audio and video. There are many different microblogging tools, each one unique in its own way. Here are a few examples: Tumblr, Dailybooth, Friendfeed, identi.caPosterous, Rememble, and Plerb. Various microblogging tools have come and gone over the last seven or eight years, but in recent years, the most familiar microblogging platform has been Twitter, and this is the tool we’ll play with here.

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