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21st Century Learning – Just a reminder from our class welcome video :-)

Learning is much more than accessing content. In the 21st century, learning is a complex blend of skills, competencies, and the will to continue learning throughout life. These skills and competencies include the ability to think critically and solve complex problems, work collaboratively, communicate effectively, and pursue self-directed learning or metacognition.

From A Commitment to Learning: Attention, Engagement, and the Next Generation by Diane Oblinger.


Welcome to Transformative Learning & Technology Literacies!

Greetings everyone! I am really excited about starting the semester. You are in for a a fun, challenging class. This is the second go round for what we call #transtech and I’m still putting everything in in place. But for now-

Here is some information to get you started. We will not be using D2L this semester but a specially designed interactive blog site built with WordPress that allows you to gain valuable experience utilizing software you may one day use in your professional positions. Our course site:

This openly networked site allows online interaction via our blogs, activity news feed, and student profiles. NOTE: You can give as much or as little information as you’d like in the profiles section. If you choose to use an screename/alias, please let me know so I can track your grading and assignments.

The course syllabus is here:

Deliverables for the first week and a half of our course:

There will be just a few deliverables during this introductory period:

#1 Account Activation & Introductory Blog Post

Please visit this page to learn how to configure your user account and blog:

Please set up your profile and class blog on the site by following the directions. After getting signed up, please explore the course site. Explore the various pages and “dashboard” of your own blog. Customize your blog to your hearts content!. You may also want to use your own RSS reader to monitor the course and your classmates’ blogs. Visit to get started if you do not have an RSS Reader.

Note: Per course requirements, please set your blog to “public.”

Due January 27th – Introduce Yourself Post! – write an introductory post that includes a bit about who you are, where you are at in the program, and what you are interested in learning in this class. Use links, images, and anything else you’d like.

#2 Twitter:

If you haven’t used Twitter, please sign up for an account. This page at our site will get you started:

We’ll use Twitter throughout the semester. Feel free to start experimenting now. More information will follow in the coming weeks.

#3 Group Assignments:

We need to organize into groups. This semester we have three public libraries, one academic library and a school to work with. If you are interested in school libraries or youth services, I’d suggest selecting the school project. If you are interested in academic libraries, select that one. Everyone else can be divided between the public libraries. The skills you acquire, however, will be equally applicable. Please comment on this post to select your group by January 27th:

Due January 27th – Group selection

#4: Explore the Course Site

The course schedule and due dates are here:

Also – take a look at this post for getting started with our project:

All assignments are due by 11:59pm on the due date – most will be posted to your blog.

I’ll be posting more information and some videos over the weekend. If you have any questions, email me or look for me on BB IM! I am looking forward to this adventure.